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Complex LMS Adaptive Filter IP Core (CAF02)

    The Adaptive Filter IP Core can be used in a communication system with modulation up to 1024-QAM. The RTL Code Generator Toolbox will generate the complete RTL and testbench files for the selected configuration. The Feed-Forward Equalizer is dealing with the pre-cursor Inter-Symbol Interferences. For elimination of the post-cursor ISI a Decision Feedback Equalizer was employed.
    The adaptation algorithms implemented are: CMA (blind adaptation) and LMS (direct decision adaptation). For the DFE the Sign-Regressor LMS algorithm is used. The adaptation starts in CMA mode and is switched to LMS mode when the eye is opened.
    A finite state machine is used to control the adaptation process.
    See: QAM LMS Adaptive Filter diagram
    See also: FFE & DFE Matlab Toolbox
Pipelined FFE & DFE modules
FFE/DFE selectable taps
CMA & LMS adaptation algorithms
Selectable inputs and accumulators bits wide
Carry Look-Ahead signed multipliers (Booth 2)
Modulation: up to 1024-QAM
One state machine to control adaptation
Plots using files generated by Verilog simulation
Synthesis Results
Technology Input Taps FFE/DFE Gates  f [MHz]
ASIC - 0.25 m 12 b 12 / 12 360K 115
FPGA - Xilinx Virtex 12 b 12 / 12 92% xc2v8000 60
Test Results
Technical Support
Verilog RTL or netlist files
Modelsim Verilog testbench with Matlab plots
FFE & DFE Matlab Toolbox
Price List
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