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Complex LMS Adaptive Filter Toolbox (CAF02-T)

    This toolbox will help you to study the behavior and the performance of different types of adaptive algorithms and different QAM modulation, for the selected communication channel: AWGN, ISI or multipath Rayleigh/Rician.
    The variants of adaptive algorithms available are: CMA, N-CMA, SATO, STOP & GO, SE-CMA, LMS, N-LMS, SE-LMS, SR-LMS, SS-LMS, L-LMS, DFE, SE-DFE and SR-DFE.
    The toolbox can also generate data files in two's complement format which can be used by a Modelsim testbench.
    Also a wide variety of plots are available which make possible an easier comparison between the theoretical model and the Verilog implementation.
    See also the Verilog implementation: Complex LMS Adaptive Filter IP Core
Other Matlab toolboxes not needed
Modulation type: QAM up to 4096
Both FFE and DFE can be studied
Different variants of CMA and LMS algorithms
Quantization available in TC format
SER estimation for the resulted filter coefficients
Large variety of plots
Technical Support
MATLAB p-code under License Agreement terms
Price List
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