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Matlab Toolboxes
 Complex LMS Adaptive Filter Toolbox
 Product code: CAF02-T
    This toolbox will help you to study the behavior and the performance of different types of adaptive algorithms and different QAM modulation, for the selected communication channel: AWGN, ISI or multipath Rayleigh/Rician.
 Product code: MRC02-T
     The mobile radio channel exhibits a time varying behavior for the received signal envelope, known as fading. The fading can be modeled with Rayleigh or Rician distributed random variables. One way to obtain correlated fading sequences is by using the sum-of-sinusoids method (Jakes's method).
 CORDIC Toolbox
 Product code: COR01-T
     The CORDIC (COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) algorithms are used for decomposition of complicate functions into simple shifts and additions iterative operations.
 FIR Filter Design Toolbox
 Product code: FIR01-T

    The FIR Filter Design toolbox it's using the optimal equiripple method. Several common FIR filters can be designed, with 2 and 3 sub-bands and also the staircase filter and the raised cosine filter.
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