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FIR Filter Design Toolbox (FIR01-T)
    The FIR Filter Design toolbox it's using the optimal equiripple method. Several common FIR filters can be designed, with 2 and 3 sub-bands and also the staircase filter and the raised cosine filter. Two iterative algorithms are available: maximum flatness and maximum attenuation. Based on the resulted filter coefficients the toolbox can also generate the complete FIR filter implementation and also the complete Verilog Modelsim testbench. This feature provides a fast way to check at once the silicon implementation of the designed filter. Also additional plots are available which make possible a comparison between the theoretical model and the Verilog implementation.
Other Matlab toolboxes not needed
Suitable for LP,HP,BP,BS, staircase and Raised Cosine filters
Equiripple method: maximum flat & attenuation
Verilog RTL and testbench generator (TC only)
Quantization available - TC and SM formats
Coefficients saved to files in 3 formats
Intermediate HR(w) and E(w) plots available
Technical Support
MATLAB p-code under License Agreement terms
Price List
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